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PharmaCann is committed to providing a variety of quality medicines. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures. From plant to patient, our full circle approach allows us to give back to our communities. PharmaCann, we truly care™


Our leadership team understands the importance of supporting our local communities. PharmaCann is here for you every step of the way.


Affordable pricing is our corporate focus. With manufacturing, sales experience and know-how that will continue to lead our Group forward in the global market.


Our project management team and commitment to compliance ensure only the
highest quality medicines will be produced and distributed.


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In accordance with the TGA Special Access Scheme Category B program and conform to TGO 93 Standards. Our quality control protocol ensures only the best medicines will be sold by PharmaCann.



PharmaCann is a licensed  pharmaceutical drug wholesaler in Australia and soon New Zealand, with expanding operations to include manufacturing, with the ability to distribute throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Our Team works closely with Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacists, Compounders and Manufacturers to ensure patients have access to affordable, high quality medicine.
PharmaCann, We Truly Care ™

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PharmaCann is the leading supplier of the most affordable natural medicines in the Asia-Pacific region. PharmaCann maintains multiple commercial agreements with our global partners to achieve vertical integration, with low-cost cultivation and sophisticated distribution networks across multiple countries.
PharmaCann provides GMP natural medicines produced to the highest quality standards and at the lowest cost, to ensure better and more affordable health care for the greater community.

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PharmaCann is helmed by leaders in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agriscience, Financial and Legal industries. Our team includes a best-in-class advisory board comprised of renowned medical specialists and physicians. Our global experience, combined with local know-how makes us your trusted partner. Our team has navigated the regulatory framework from the inception of the legal medicinal market in Australia, and have now become the leader in low cost, high quality supply of natural medicines.


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