PharmaCann is a licensed medicinal cannabis company, supplying THC and CBD medicines throughout Australia and New Zealand, servicing a network of over 1,600 medical practitioners and over 2,000 pharmacies. PharmaCann’s business model is based on distributing the most affordable medicinal cannabis / CBD products under the TGA's SAS through a direct marketing and education model targeted at doctors and pharmacists.

PharmaCann has its medicinal cannabis products dispensed through all major pharmacy

chains including Chemist Warehouse, TerryWhite Chemists, Priceline Pharmacy, Chempro,

Ramsay Health, Direct Chemist Outlets, Discount Drug Stores, Good Price Pharmacy and

multiple independent pharmacies across Australia.


PharmaCann Global is a Privately-Owned, licensed medicinal cannabis Importer, Wholesaler and Exporter in Australia and soon New Zealand, with expanding operations to include Manufacturing, with the ability to distribute and white label throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Our Team works closely with Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacists, Compounders and Manufacturers to ensure patients have access to the most affordable, high quality medicine.


PharmaCann’s profitable and sustainable business model has seen significant growth in the Australian market, whilst continuing to offer the Australian Community an affordable and quality alternative to other brands currently being distributed and dispensed.  





Level 18, 324 Queen Street, Brisbane,

QLD, 4000, Australia

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